Businessparks Burgenland

Success depends upon many factors. Upon the global economic climate. Upon hard work. Sometimes even upon a little bit of luck. But definitely upon a company´s location. A fully serviced building plot is no longer a guarantee that a company will meet its goals. This requires a very special location. A location with perspective, where success comes faster than elsewhere. From the very beginning: thanks to, for example, speedy statutory procedures. Thanks to subsidies. Thanks to the optimal infrastructure of a region that has experienced above-average growth in recent years and which can offer a highly qualified workforce due to the steady expansion of educational and training provision.

In the Businessparks Burgenland at Parndorf/Neusiedl am See, Kittsee and Heiligenkreuz Burgenland offers you everything that you require from a location in order to be successful. And even more. More opportunities to develop. More international possibilities. More quality of life.