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Burgenland is the sunniest province in Austria

Success depends upon many factors. Upon the global economic climate. Upon hard work. Sometimes even upon a little bit of luck. And definitely upon a company’s location. A fully serviced building plot is no longer a guarantee that a company will meet its goals. This requires a very special location. A location with perspective, where success comes faster than elsewhere.

From the very beginning: thanks to, for example, speedy statutory procedures. Thanks to subsidies. Thanks to the optimal infrastructure of a region that has experienced above-average growth in recent years and can offer a highly qualified workforce due to the steady expansion of educational and training provision.

In the Businessparks Burgenland at Kittsee, Parndorf/Neusiedl am See, Müllendorf and Heiligenkreuz Burgenland offers you everything that you require from a location in order to be successful. And even more. More opportunities to develop. More international possibilities. More quality of life.

Our Locations

Businessparks Kittsee, Parndorf/Neusiedl am See, Müllendorf and Heiligenkreuz are located in the heart of one of Europe’s economically most dynamic regions.

Our Businessparks are located in the heart of one of Europe’s economically most dynamic regions at the point where Burgenland, Hungary and Slovakia meet. They increase the attractiveness of Business Location Burgenland to Austrian and international companies and help incoming companies on their path to success.

Our Services

No two companies are identical. Each one is unique. And each company should also have a unique location.

We will support you: our services range from the search for the ideal location via expert advice about financing and subsidies to professional after-care-service following your relocation.

    • We show you potential locations.
    • We clarify all statutory requirements.
    • We reserve the plot for you until you reach a decision.
    • We support you through all statutory approvals processes.
    • We accompany you as you realise the project.
    • We support you in questions of project financing.
    • We support you as you seek provincial, national and European funding.
    • We help you find skilled personnel.
    • We remain your partner after the acquisition and will support your future efforts to expand at the location.

    Site Acquisition

    The team from Businessparks Burgenland will give you advice and support in all questions regarding your chosen site. We will organise site visits and provide extracts from the land register, zoning plans, site plans and photographs, etc. We can also take over responsibility for drawing up a purchase contract or organise a contact with an expert local notary.

    Support with Statutory Procedures

    As a subsidiary of Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland GmbH we are 100 per cent owned by the Provincial Government of Burgenland as a result of which we have excellent contacts with all the statutory authorities in the province. We often use these contacts in order to help both new and existing clients to find speedy and optimal solutions to any problems that may arise.

    Support with Financing

    In addition to the possibilities mentioned below of helping you to apply to various funding agencies to help finance your project, we are naturally also a cooperation partner of the various lending institutions located in Burgenland. We would also be delighted to support you here by establishing contacts with the favoured lenders, funding agencies and sources of risk capital with whom we will then draw up an optimal financing package for your company.

    Support with the Approvals Process

    Depending upon the type of operation, the process of establishing a new facility in one of our Businessparks will naturally involve certain approvals processes.

    These could include:


    • Operating Permit
    • Building Permit
    • Shopping Centre Permit in line with § 14d of the Burgenland Zoning Regulations
    • Determination Procedure in line with the Environmental Impact Assessment Law
    • Approval Procedure in line with the Environmental Impact Assessment Law

    Support with Funding

    We are also your ideal partner in questions of public funding. Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland GmbH is your first point of contact in all matters related to funding in Business Location Burgenland, from provincial, federal and EU funding to subsidies, guarantees and risk capital, etc. We will inform you to whom you should apply for which sort of funding. 



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    Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland GmbH

    Success depends upon many factors. Upon the global economic climate. Upon hard work. Sometimes even upon a little bit of luck. But definitely upon a company´s location.

    Regions are at their strongest when their economic development is healthy. This is precisely why Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland GmbH was established: to provide optimal support to entrepreneurs and strengthen the whole of Burgenland’s economy.

    One of the many roles of Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland GmbH is to convince companies of the attractiveness of Burgenland as an economic region as a way of encouraging more of them to relocate to the province. And, of course, to the Businessparks Kittsee, Parndorf / Neusiedl am See, Müllendorf and Heiligenkreuz, of which Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland GmbH is the principal owner.

    But Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland GmbH does far more than simply provide corporate locations. It supports, advises and helps companies in acquiring land, obtaining funding and permits and all other statutory procedures, etc. If a company decides in favour of the attractive location and realises a project, all of the services of Wirtschaftsagentur Burgenland GmbH are provided absolutely free of charge.

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